Capturing a Captivating Image: kona027

The difference between a good image and a great image is that the great image tells a story. But how does one facilitate a story in an image? And how can you improve your photography to do the same?

@kona027‘s photography is characterized by an emotive warmth. One that makes you feel as though you’re glancing into someone’s photo album into which they glued all their favorite memories. In short, @kona027’s captures feel authentic, which is quite a rarity nowadays.

How does he do it? How does he include so much in a snapshot?

He captures an emotion.

Be it happiness, love or boredom, emotion is the most important element when taking portrait snapshots. Emotion is the binding-agent that connects people to a photograph and allows them to relate. Arguably, this is also the hardest part of photography to master. Below is a guide as to how you can improve your photography to do the same:

1. Capture movement

You will notice that all the above images feel authentic. This authenticity stems from the fact that they include movement. They are unforced and spontaneous.

2. Don’t set up your subject

It does not take an expert to see or feel when something is posed or set-up. Capture your subject in an honest and relaxed way.

3. Pay attention to details

Emotions are expressed through often tiny features, that you might not even notice you captured. Take for example the below photograph.

The detail that makes the image are the streaks of sunlight that cross the subject. These convey the mood of – for example – a late Sunday morning. A warm and calm atmosphere.

4. Shoot film

Although not a rule, it does help. There is no doubt about it. Photographs taken on film just ooze nostalgia. This factor alone can create mood in an image.

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